Stop Those Masked Bandits

We take care of raccoon removal in Benbrook & Weatherford, TX

Raccoons are vicious, unfriendly animals. You don't want them on your property. Fortunately for you, Critter Gitter is always ready to provide raccoon removal. We'll get those ring-tailed little monsters off your back.

If you don't go after them, raccoons can:

Crawl inside your trashcans
Threaten your dogs and cats
Destroy your birdfeeders
Damage your home exterior

Call 817-714-0911 now to schedule raccoon removal in Benbrook & Weatherford, TX.

Keep your home smelling fresh with a skunk removal

You might smell skunks before you see them. If you have noticed the stench of a skunk around your house, let us know. We have plenty of experience with skunk removal. We'll make sure you don't have to keep dealing with the offending odor. We will relocate skunks and raccoons as humanely as possible. We can usually trap and relocate skunks without them spraying.

Contact us today to find out more about skunk removal in Benbrook & Weatherford, TX.

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